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Clean A Building's Office Cleaning Services in Marietta, Kennesaw, and Cobb County have become an integral part of our overall business. Our clients as well as their clients are very aware of the health benefits of a well-maintained environment. They also understand the value of a cleaning service that recognizes those benefits and is willing to manage and carryout on those Office Cleaning duties. We are a cleaning service that respects the time workers spend in the office, resulting in a home away from home feeling. With Clean A Building as your Office Cleaning Service Provider you can focus on your business while we focus on its presentation and appeal to your clients, as well as the morale and safety of your co-workers and employees.

 A cleaning service should be able to accommodate all of the needs of your facility. Office cleaning now includes many different environments. Many facilities place an emphasis on a BREAKROOM area that requires food service level attention in order to ensure that personnel feel comfortable and confident that they can stay at the facility for meals and breaks.

Possibly the most important area of cleaning is the RESTROOM. Our office cleaning service has a 360 degree responsibility for restrooms, meaning that during every visit dusting and wall cleaning is performed. We also supply quality paper products and hand soaps or sanitizers in order to reduce the worry of inventory shortage.

Many lobbies have multiple floor surfaces which we can address as the manufacturer intended with procedures that extend the life of the surface and our client's investment. The top two areas most cleaning services falter are in restroom care and dusting. With us as your office cleaning service not only will we dust as promised but during flu season we will use Clorox Bleach wipes to help fight the bug that goes around the office every year!!  

Email or call us at 404-242-3028 for a custom check list of your facility