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Warehouse Floors are usually made of concrete with various types of permanent sealer that prevent concrete dust and also absorption of spills into the surface. This sealer also holds rubber tire marks from forklifts as well as dust and dirt or oil based chemicals from all over the building from its constantly moving inventory. CleanABuilding uses Large Area Scrubbers are the tool to get this job done and keep concrete floors looking clean!! 

Large enough to handle your business but small enough to care about it

Buffing or Burnishing maintains the high shine and wet look that helps to keep the finish hard and resistant to heavy traffic. 

Coupled with proper cleaning it gives your clients the impression that your business pays attention to the details.

CleanABuilding is the right choice to service all of you Floor Cleaning needs. Type your paragraph here.


Floor Cleaning is a service that requires the proper equipment and chemicals to get the job done. Marietta has several businesses that realize that periodic deep floor cleaning of every type of floor surface is necessary not only for appearance but also for safety, including air quality.

CleanABuilding has years of experience in floor cleaning. We have serviced facilities with all types of surfaces including hospitals, warehouses,schools and offices. Different kinds of facilities require specific knowledge to the particular surface type. 

Stripping and Waxing is a way to bring a lot of floors back to life with a high, wet look gloss. But, the proper finish (wax) needs to be used for the type of regular maintenance that is practiced. For floors to keep a LONG LASTING SHINE requires rinsing the floor clean of ALL of the stripper. At CleanABuilding, our floor cleaning technicians take the time and do the job right. A sealer and the proper finish protect your company’s investment.